42opus is a digital literary arts journal that seeks not only to present the finest in contemporary literature, art, and design, but also to explore and to press the growth of experimental and collaborative digital works that variously combine literature, art, and design.

AbstractBlack Publishing Group "The AbstractBlack vision is to provide an arena for positive and creative minds to Breathe, through Afrikan inspired Arts."

Anyman.com is:  1) 1 ezine, 4 ezines  2) a virtual place for poetry, prose, web-published poems, prose poems - notes, aphorisms, original poetry, literature, quotes, literary quotations, parables, essays, editorials, rants, raves, thought fodder,  3) a smart waste of time,  4) a space sustained by joesmith (really).

The Arthouse Underground In spite of everything, and jes' fuh dah helluvit, you are about to visit a most unique online literary funhouse: conflating wildly original combinations of language, graphics, animation and music. This is the world's meatiest source of instantly incriminating, indiscriminate humor. None of the irrelevant cheese which so commonly chokes the great mass media airwave. Come walk with us. Through the graveyard of ideas. But, advance at your own risk. Navigate through a fragile network of filaments and fibers. Objects that seem to have limitless potential. Where marginalia, electronic media, music and art live, multiply and divide.  right here. In front of your face.

artQuotes.net is an artist's newsletter sent out three times every week with 2 inspirational "art quotes". We also have a selection of fine artist portfolios of international contemporary artists.

The Ascent Experience: Aspirations for Artists The Ascent Experience is a magazine, a newsletter, a gallery and a collection of interesting pathways.

ATOPIA is an independent web-based magazine for literature, art, philosophy and politics. These different fields meet around a common subject for every issue. This way, we hope to create new diagonal connections. We believe there cannot be a unified language, therefore every contributor will write, draw, reflect, photograph, compose in his own language. The general concept is defined more precisely in the manifesto. What form ATOPIA will take depends on its users. You can either submit articles or use the discussion forum to react to the contributions.

Bellevue Literary Review Bellevue Hospital, the oldest public hospital in the United States, has been witness to 265 years of human drama. In this tradition we have created the Bellevue Literary Review, a forum for illuminating humanity and human experience. BLR is published by the Department of Medicine at New York University. We invite submissions of previously unpublished works of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry that touch upon relationships to the human body, illness, health and healing. We encourage creative interpretation of these themes.

The Big Bridge A webzine of poetry and everything else. Well established in the literary world, editors of books of poetry and art, they are open to varying styles of writing. An opportunity for perspective contributors to let their creative juices take them where they may. The more stodgy zines and literary periodicals may reject pieces based on conservatism, but not so here. "We don't care if Language poetry appears next to sonnets, or haiku next to spoken word and workshop poetry beside agit-smut. Our tastes are catholic—even though we're Jews and pagans and Buddhists and libertines and run-of-the-mill Christians. We don't care how art is shaped—round like moon, flat like roadkill, angular like love, twisted like political promises. We hear many voices (even when we're taking our meds) and are guided by whimsy and passion and urgency. We want more."

The Celebrity Cafe.com "is the longest running entertainment magazine on the internet founded in 1996. We're now read by millions of people a month who come for our interviews, music reviews, movie reviews, travel sections and more. Explore our magazine, sign up for our newsletter and come back often!"

Dream Forge WebZine An eclectic webzine that features poetry, short stories and regular columns among its many offerings.

Duct Tape Press, an online literary 'zine based in Austin, TX, was launched in January 1998 "by two lazy college students who had nothing better to do. We aspire to someday face criminal charges for what we publish here."

Eyeshot is litter for the ill and literate, or if you prefer: "illiterati illumina." Webzine featuring fiction, also including essays and poetry.

Fourteen Hills, The SFSU Review: Proud of (and part of) the vibrant literary heritage of the west coast and the San Francisco Bay area, Fourteen Hills is honored to be an active participant in the contemporary creative community. As a nonprofit press, its staff, editors, and contributors bring readers of the journal some of the most exciting offerings of independent literature-from the postmodern to the traditional, Fourteen Hills is a testimony to the fact that independent, innovative, experimental literature is not only alive and thriving, but also overflowing with ebullience, energy, and an irresistible embrace of what comes next.

Fresh! Online Literary Magazine Shirley Gerald Ware presents Somerville and worldwide authors.

"The Global Vision Platform is an independent platform for progressive aid, sustainable change and cultural diversity! We show you creative writers and visual artists from 18 countries all over the world. Get inspired by the aid projects we are presenting. Communicate with us and act."

Kittigrrrl "is the first attempt at a zine and webdesign for it's creator, and is available to those who really want it in print version. Kittigrrrl accepts contributions from time to time, and is usually updated at least every month. In it you can find sections on topics ranging from political issues to stories about the whackjobs Kittigrrrl meets on the job. A California native, Kittigrrrl has found that she rather enjoys the trees and fresh air in rural Pennsylvania. She is currently a psychology major at Cedar Crest College and is interested in a wide range of subjects including French and the Arts. She lives with her fiancé, her cat Jacob, and her chocolate Labrador Mootz, who is resembling a pony more all the time."

Kota Press publishes new as well as seasoned poets and writers. We publish full-length books and also the literary e-zine, KotaPress Poetry Journal, which will be brought to you quarterly in March, June, September, and December. We also offer grief support through our Loss section to families who must endure the death of a child due to any cause.

The Lemming provides a venue for artists, writers, multi-media buffs, actors, photographers, sculptors, comedians, musicians, and all such other commonly-exploited but well-intentioned or at least well-spoken members of the thus far non-existent global artistic community. Our primary goal is to direct readers toward that which is exciting, innovative, and courageous in the world of the Creative Arts.

Libido: The Journal of Sex and Sensibility. A publication designed for enlightened adults; featuring the best American erotica, short fiction, photography, poetry, humor, news, reviews and surprises.

Lucid Moon Poetry Magazine Ralph's Haselmann Jr.'s monthly online version of his hefty 300 page quarterly poetry zine, with a Lucid Moon Catalog, Newsletters, Archives, Other Cool Web Site Links, Chat Room, E-mail, Bio Page, a special web area for Dave and Ana Christy of Alpha Beat Press, and new monthly poetry postings.  Ralph likes heartfelt romantic poetry and underground Beat poetry, a nice mix of styles.  Ralph's Lucid Moon web is based in the lush rolling hills of Hampton,  Hunterdon County, New Jersey and aims to be the best online poetry web site in the United States!

Megaera is a quarterly lit rag which features Short Fiction, Poetry, and Art. We publish issues on the 1st of March, June, September, and December.

Mississippi Review - "Mississippi Review is one of the most remarkable and indispensable literary journals of our time." -- Raymond Carver.

Monterey Bay Poetry exists as a proponent of poetry energy in the Big Sur and Monterey Bay area and as a unified platform for regional poets to join the international poetic dialogue. It is sponsored in part by The City of Pacific Grove and exists thanks to the generosity of Whitney Latham Lechich, a longtime Pacific Grove poet and resident whose extraordinary gift has made so much possible.

Monthly Review In May 1949 Monthly Review began publication in New York City, as cold war hysteria gathered force in the United States. The first issue featured the lead article Why Socialism? by Albert Einstein. From the first Monthly Review spoke for socialism and against U.S. imperialism, and is still doing so today. From the first Monthly Review was independent of any political organization, and is still so today. The McCarthy era inquisition targeted Monthly Review's original editors Paul Sweezy and Leo Huberman, who fought back successfully. In the subsequent global upsurge against capitalism, imperialism and the commodification of life (in shorthand “1968”) Monthly Review played a global role. A generation of activists received no small part of their education as subscribers to the magazine and readers of Monthly Review Press books. In the intervening years of counter-revolution, Monthly Review has kept a steady viewpoint. That point of view is the heartfelt attempt to frame the issues of the day with one set of interests foremost in mind: those of the great majority of humankind, the propertyless.

Pataphysics Magazine Site presents past and current issues of Pataphysics magazine and books. These are limited edition publications. The site also includes online articles and interviews from Pataphysics magazine. Includes contributions from the famous and the obscure including: John Cage, Albert Olehen, Karl Jensen, Asher Bilu, Sylvère Lotringer, Paul Virilio, John Giorno, Juan Davila, Larry Clark and more.

The Pedestal Magazine A webzine of poetry, fiction, non-fiction and interviews.

poetrybay.com is the home of PoetryBay, an online poetry publication for the 21st century; Long Island Quarterly, a publication for poets with roots on Long Island; and other fine products of Birnham Wood Graphics. PoetryBay features some of the finest works being produced in contemporary poetry by established and emerging authors. Including poetry, reviews, essays, and interviews, this on-line only publication may be sampled or downloaded from this site. Long Island Quarterly has been serving the community of Long Island writers since 1990, and features some of the best work being produced regionally. It may be sampled on-line or downloaded from this site, or obtained via individual issue purchase or subscription by snailmail. Other fine products from Birnham Wood Graphics, including chapbooks and anthologies, may be ordered by snailmail from this site.

Poets Corner "As the curator of this page, I am solely responsible for the choice of the poets here introduced, authors I evaluate as the most representative of our times, within my reduced possibilities of research, set by time, chance, and fate. I am thankful to the Pedagogical Institute, especially to Maria Cristina Petruzzino, for having offered me this possibility, and to Vanni, the webmaster, for his fast but intuitive lessons. I acknowledge all those who have chosen to send their poetic compositions, and feel as if it was my personal privilege to have met them, even if often only in cyber-land, which allows Pindaric flights, inputs, expectations, deceptions; but most of all I agree with Pierre Lévy in his positive outlook on this infinite space which has brought to a higher level of common intellectuality thanks to its limitless access. Jorge Luis Borges’ dream, the librarian in/of time, is almost real." -- Anny Ballardini

Shades Beyond Grey A pansexual/gay, online, erotic journal that publishes poems, stories, essays, photos, sketches, comics, etc.

Sheltering Pines Press A small press publisher of poetry chapbooks, anthologies, and a thrice-yearly poetry journal. They also now sell quality used books online.

StickYourNeckOut Publishes fiction or non-fiction in the form of articles, essays, stories, poems, book reviews or commentary.

Sugar Mule A literary magazine with eccentric Buddhist leanings.

Tameme, "the annual bilingual literary magazine of new writing from North America — Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Inside you will find short stories, travel writing, humor, memoirs, and poetry from some of the most interesting literary artists on the continent."

Tarpaulin Sky Online Literary Journal

Tattoo Highway A graphics-rich journal of poetry, literary prose, new media and art, online since 1998. Each issue has a theme, and features a "Picture Worth 500 Words" poetry/ flash fiction contest.

Trout: "Slightly fishy, but never coarse."

Unlikely Stories A collection of literary art

Vestal Review is a free quarterly e-zine devoted to what we consider an underrepresented type of  fiction: flash (or short-short) stories. A good flash, replete with a cohesive plot, rich language and enticing imagery, is perhaps the hardest type of fiction to write. A good flash is so condensed that it borderlines poetry. A good flash engages your mind not only for the short duration of its read, but for a long time after. Vestal Review is an eclectic magazine, open to all genres except children's stories and hard science fiction. It includes six to eight flash stories per issue.

Zacatecas: A Review of Contemporary Word (formerly Thieves' Press) was founded with the purpose of broadening the cultural perspective of contemporary English fiction.